Experience Stuttgart 21 in virtual reality!

    Media coverage and discussions about the world’s best-known railway project – Stuttgart 21 – is as present as ever. But the opening is still years away.

    We want to give you a head start. Our 3D model* of the most modern railway station gives you this chance. Walk through it using our innovative SmartVR application and feel as if it was already 2021.

    Thanks to our SmartVR technology it does not matter whether you use your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, the experience of the new Stuttgart station is accessible from any device, no software or add-ons need. With an internet connection and a cardboard (for the stereoscopic version) you are ready to immerse yourself.

    Enjoy your virtual experience!

    * Design 2011

    Visualisierung Hauptbahnhof Stuttgart | Stuttgart 21 | ALDINGER+WOLF 
    Hauptbahnhof Stuttgart | Stuttgart 21